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PE: On selling art

Wed Mar 4, 2015, 4:35 PM by STelari:iconstelari:

Traditional Art Week

Shopping here, selling there...

The internet provides a great opportunity to not only showcase your art, but also to sell it - so much easier (and in a lot of cases so much more profitable) than art galleries and shops. Here you can find out what some of the Traditionalists' members think about selling art, both on and off-line.

Before you get to reading them, though, here are two questions for you:

:bulletpink: If you sell your art anywhere, how would you describe your thoughts about it?
:bulletpink: And how about buying art?
:bulletpink: What websites or art galleries do you visit for that purpose?

And here are the opinions:


In my opinion its very gratifying when it works. I sell prints, crafts, handmade jewellery, and the occasional original, and in my opinion people giving their money in exchange for my art is a great vote of confidence in that I'm making good stuff. :) There's an interesting degree of balance between doing what pleases the crowd, and sticking with my own style, too.


Selling art on the Internet is very comfortable. has whole group of cool people who print your pictures on a variety of things and papers and in different sizes. They pack it and ship it to the customer. All you need to do is to put your drawings there and they do all the work for you. Websites what help artists to show up and make money are a wonderful phenomenon. Everyone has a chance to sell something and everyone has a chance to buy something unique. And there is one more important thing: EVERYONE CAN DO IT! Me, for example: I did not finish art school. Really, they kicked me out! On the first year. And it's a very nice feeling when someone buys my art :heart:


I started selling my art a few months ago in order to prove my parents (especially my dad) that I CAN do it and can earn my own money and buy things I need! They thought that art had nothing to do with my career and future. I couldn't handle this and I put my art for sale in my school and turned out to be awesome! For the first time in my life I earned a handful of bucks to even buy myself the food for month. Then I made a sale at the Diwali fest in our neighbourhood and later I got a new phone from what I earned!


The biggest problem for me is getting attention from potential buyers. Leaving a link on dA is certainly not enough. I'm not a professional artist and my studies are very time consuming, so I simply don't have time for that and don't treat it as a priority.


I enjoyed my gallery selling experience. It was fun to have opening previews, and to get to see people face to face interacting with my artwork. It somehow made me feel more like a "real" artist - though I know that's ridiculous - to be standing in a nicely lit space looking at my pieces on the walls.

However, I don't think I'll be doing much of it again, because it's simply too time taking. As a part of the conditions of exhibit, I had to dedicate a certain amount of my time to being "available" at the exhibition space to talk to visitors. I made a few sales the week the exhibition ran, but measured against my time, the money wasn't much of a compensation, sadly.

If I could afford to, I'd gladly dedicate my time to galleries. But at the moment if I have to choose between making art and promoting art, making art wins every time.


My opinion is that it is very hard and unpredictable. I have a full time job and do art on the side as a hobby but have always wanted it to be slightly more than that. Maybe not a sole source of income, but at least more and to make something off of it. I have a dA print shop, Etsy and Society6 shop. My dA shop has only seen one repeat customer - myself. Etsy saw one sale, a friend of mine. and Society6 I have stopped putting any real effort into. I upload mostly regularly to Instagram, my Facebook page and try to on dA, but while I get more likes, never any interest... don't know if its prices, subject, quality or what.


To me I don't really mind selling the art off - whatever keeps the income going. There is a limited few drawings I tend to keep, but that's the 1% that I develop a special connection with, and even those I usually don't mind give- or sell away at a given moment. I generally don't bound myself too much with my art - I used to - but the moment I started working freelance that bound was broken. I love sitting on Artist Alleys and generally take every opportunity I get to go there.


I'm a freelancing artist, specialized in handcraft, jewellery making and illustration. Selling my works on Etsy is my only form of income. Many artist would never consider to sell their pieces and some even despise other artists who do so. I heard people like that saying I would betray my own creations and become a "artwhore" by selling them :(  For me personally its all about the process and progress of creating itself.When I sell a piece I know the people getting it love it and care for it, and that's a big compliment and joy for me. The fact I can pay my bills is nice too, but foremost I want to make my customers happy and of course I enjoy the fact that people love my art^^


Basically, I do the 'con circuit' in mainly the US east coast to a few of the central states, and make my living almost entirely by selling prints of my work in artist alleys. Of course, I suspect that's really only feasible here in the US, where there are so many events, and all of them geographically accessible, within reason. I do travel pretty far for some, up to 12 hours of driving. I have tried selling my work in gallery settings before, and it, /okay/, but not even a percentage as well as when I sell in person. Customers really love getting artwork in person, directly from the artist. It makes the purchase a memorable experience in itself, and more than just the acquisition of a decorative object. They can afterwards say "I met the artist!" when their friends admire the piece.

Now, all of the above is regarding print work. I seldom sell originals, but that is for several reasons. First, few people at fan conventions have the budget for originals. But second, I actually seldom have originals to sell. Not because I don't work traditionally, but because so much of my work is commissioned, and thus the originals are already spoken for.

Online selling. My experience with that is pretty much just with my own Etsy shop. I sell maybe one to two prints per month through there, so it's not much. That's also because I only have one image listed there currently though, I suspect! I CAN say, though, that internet sales are very much a matter of momentum: it can often take months to make your first sale, and still be slow going after that...but eventually, mere reliable presence can garner more and more sales.


At least for me, I came to the path of the artist because it was the easiest way for me to express myself. Growing up I was definitely by most standards an ugly kid, so I got made fun of a lot, especially in elementary school. In the past few years I have really started to understand the immense power for good that art has, and have been trying to actively work through my issues with confidence so that I can actually project what I have to say to other people! It's hard to make a difference when you just shove your stuff in a portfolio in the closet, you know? I have spent a lot of time researching and keeping my eyes open for things that seem feasible to do in terms of selling my work and getting myself out there, and after all of this time, I have finally gotten to the point where I feel convicted enough to pursue it. Soon I will be able to actually have the time to make more art at a consistent rate and will be making prints available. I also plan to start being a vendor at various conventions as well! It's scary, it's overwhelming, but I know at the end of the day, nobody is stopping me but me..^^

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